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Watch this video and more on Cubii Studio+

Watch this video and more on Cubii Studio+

30-Min Back to Basics with Anne

Sitting + Standing Classes • 33m

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    Join six of your favorite studio+ trainers through an all-star total body workout. Warm up with Lindsey, tone your upper body with Sandi, get in a cardio burst with Aida, strengthen your lower body with Lisa, ramp up your heart rate with Andrea and cool down with Anne.

    Equipment Needed: Cubii C...

  • 45-Min Slow Motion Strength with Anne

    Slow down to get Strong with Anne as she focuses on ecentric exercises meant to lengthen muscle contractions under tension.

    Equipment Needed: Cubii Compact Elliptical, Light Weights

    Class Functionality: This class incorporates sitting and standing.

    Class Playlist:
    1. Big Bounce - A P O L L ...