Friday 6/24

Friday 6/24

Friday 6/24
  • 30-Min Merlins Backwards Workout with Anne 6/24/2022

    Merlin the Magician lived his life backwards…I know, sounds hard! The good news is today you only have to live life backwards for 30 minutes with Anne on your Cubii! So reverse your brain and your feet and get ready to sweat!

    Equipment Needed: Cubii Compact Elliptical

    Class Functionality: Thi...

  • 30-Min Upper Body Strength with Andrea 7/1/2022

    Andrea is here and she brought three things; her Cubii, light weights...and a whole heap of motivation! So we hope you brought yours too!

    Equipment Needed: Cubii Compact Elliptical, Light Weights

    Class Functionality: This is a fully seated class.

    Class Playlist:
    1. Find Passion 0 DJ Mayson